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Within this project, high-resolution underground explorations from the drifts and boreholes were carried out in order to gain a better understanding of the interaction between salt rock and fluid. The foundations of seismic exploration methods in salt rock were laid on a large and small scale, which can continue to be used for the preliminary exploration of geogenic hazard potentials. More information

Project overview

ISIS (Integrated Seismic Imaging System)

The seismic advance exploration of geological structures is an essential element in the safety concept for tunnel construction. The ISIS concept includes the greatest possible integration of the seismic measurements into the work processes of the tunneling work in order to avoid costly downtimes. ISIS includes seismic sources (vibrators, impact hammers) and 3-component geophones and piezoelectric sensors integrated into rock anchors as receivers. The system was developed and tested during the construction work on the Gotthard Base Tunnel and can be used in hard rock in both conventional and mechanical tunneling. It was licensed by Herrenknecht. More information

Project overview

SPWD (Seismic Prediction While Drilling)

Predictive explorations from boreholes enable structural exploration beyond exploring the surroundings of the borehole. The seismic borehole probes developed in this project have a long range and high resolution. With SPWD, high-resolution structure exploration is possible even at great depths from boreholes. More information

Project overview