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Underground lab "Reiche Zeche" in Freiberg

The 3D underground seismic lab has a test center in the Research and Education mine Reiche Zeche of the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg. Test measurements, calibrations and scientific work take place at this location. The undergorund measurements are carried under fixed conditions. In Freiberg the ambient conditions are constant, so that ideal measuring conditions are given. The GFZ underground laboratory comprises a block of gneiss approx. 50 m width and 100 m length. Three-component geophones are installed in boreholes along the surrounding routes. Horizontal and vertical boreholes were created in order to carry out tests for the verification of logging systems. The vertical drilling through the center of the gneiss block enables a three-dimensional recording of the waves emitted by the borehole probes by the geophones installed at the joint of the routes. Two further boreholes were created for the 3D-US Lab, which are used for tests with newly developed seismic borehole geophone chains and an exploration probe based on the SPWD measuring system. More information.

Here you can find further information on technical and scientific issues:

Wissenschaftliche Ziele und Technologie (D)

Technology and science (Eng)

Electronics Lab

The development of geophysical exploration systems with high resolution for underground applications and mobile operation on the surface implicate many interesting problems to be solved with electronics. That is, design and programming of radio-controlled data acquisition systems as well as control systems for seismic impulse and vibrator sources. Another challenging task is the planning, installation and initial operation of electrode arrays in boreholes. For testing and optimization of the developed systems measurement campaigns have to be accomplished. One skilled worker and one apprentice implement the ideas from our electrical and electronic engineers.