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We support companies on projects for exploration ahead and around underground structures, consulting and developing individual customer solutions. We use the modular measurement methodology of underground seismics to generate three-dimensional images of underground structures.

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About 3D-US Lab

The 3D-US Lab consists of a research group from GFZ German Reasearch Centre for Geosciences, industry representatives and mining universities.



We offer underground high-resolution and large-scale seismic explorations: seismic borehole and underground measurements, contract research and test measurements.


We are working on projects for pre- and environment exploration in underground structures to identify geological structures and fault zones.


Impact hammer of the 5th generation

First production batch of the pneumatic impact hammer (SQ5) is launched in India

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The 3D-US Lab commissions a market study

In September last year, the 3D-US Lab commissioned a market study from an external…

Patent for seismic borehole exploration

European patent was granted to the 3D-US Lab for a method and device for borehole-based…

Feasibility study in mine Gehren

In January 2023, the 3D-US-Lab team perfomed a feasibility study for underground seismic…