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We support companies on projects for exploration ahead and around underground structures, consulting and developing individual customer solutions. We use the modular measurement methodology of underground seismics to generate three-dimensional images of underground structures.

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About 3D-US Lab

The 3D-US Lab consists of a research group from GFZ German Reasearch Centre for Geosciences, industry representatives and mining universities.



We offer underground high-resolution and large-scale seismic explorations: seismic borehole and underground measurements, contract research and test measurements.


We are working on projects for pre- and environment exploration in underground structures to identify geological structures and fault zones.


High-resolution borehole seismic from the 3D-US Lab in Sweden

Part experiment in Sweden as part of a research project…

Prototype handover of the seismic impact source SQ 5 to Amberg

On behalf of Amberg Technologies AG, the 3D-US Lab is…

Successful field trial completed in Tournemire

Field test from June 14 to 17 with the prototype SQ 5 at the…

New seismic pulse source (SQ5) for tunnel prediction successfully tested

The 3D-US Lab team, led by Dr. Rüdiger Giese, tested the new…

New milestone reached with the homepage!

The new homepage of the 3D-US Lab in German and English is…

Securely identify underground structures with the 3D underground seismic lab

5 partners from business, research and education with the…