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The 3D-US Lab commissions a market study

In September last year, the 3D-US Lab commissioned a market study from an external consulting company

The result is now available


Within the scope of this study, the international market perspectives for the Lab and its product service system were analysed. Summarizing the results of the study, it was found that the use of the 3D-US Lab's seismic system offers a reliable, fast and thus efficient tool for (continuous) advance exploration. The 3D-US Lab combines in-situ seismic measurement methods with 3D geological models, enabling low-delay evaluation of geological structures at significantly increased measurement depths compared to similar or alternative methods. In addition to increased analysis quality, the system's ability to be integrated into active mining operations offers a major advantage. Due to the modularity of the system, it can also be effectively used for more complex measurement geometries. The high measurement speed, integrability and data expertise (coupling the methods with modelling if necessary) as well as the bundling of competencies from measurement to data interpretation (full service) not only represents a high benefit, but also offers a crucial advantage for the Lab's customers.

Overall, the underground seismic shows itself to be a market with increasing growth potential. Among other things, the greater use of renewable energies is expected to increase the demand for mineral raw materials. This concerns, for example, aluminum for photovoltaics. This results in strong growth potentials for the 3D seismic market also in underground mining. The established seismic methods of oil and gas exploration are not directly transferable in their quality for effective exploration in underground mining. Here, innovative, specialized approaches, such as those of the 3D-US-Lab, can generate an important durable lead in the market for potential customers. Especially mining companies, service providers as well as construction equipment manufacturers can highly benefit from the innovative product service system of the 3D-US Lab. Furthermore, there is an application and market potential beyond the field of mining applications, therefore a special added value can also be provided for the requirements in deep deposits in greenfield exploration, in brownfield measurements underground as well as in borehole-supported processes.

Major exploration projects and their global implementation using seismic methods