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Seismic exploration in the Mont Terri underground rock laboratory

The 3D-US Lab and the GFZ section "Geophysical Imaging of the Subsurface" conducted combined borehole and tunnel measurements in collaboration with the operator of the underground laboratory, swisstopo, from November 6th to November 16th. The measurements covered a distance of 500 m in the Mont Terri Underground Laboratory.

The primary objective of these measurements was to determine the penetration capability of seismic waves at this location. For this purpose, the 3D-US Quadvib vibration source and a drop weight from the Geophysical Instrument Pool Potsdam (GIPP) were employed to stimulate a broad frequency spectrum in the subsurface. The waves generated were captured by 24 3K receivers installed along the safety gallery and by a geophone array (provided by CSIC Barcelona) in an 80 m deep borehole at the centre of the layout.