LPKF Protolaser H4

The LPKF Protolaser H4 is a tabletop system for single and double-sided surface processing of PCB materials such as FR4. It has a laser for precise processing of the copper layer, as well as a milling spindle for mechanical processing of the base material such as drilling and cutting. The laser enables more precise and finer structuring of conductive tracks from 100 µm with intervals of 30 µm. This enables miniaturization of printed circuit boards for small applications such as the slimhole probe currently under development.


Maximum layout area (X/Y/Z)305mm x 229mm x 7mm
Laser wavelength, frequency, power1064 nm, 25-400 kHz, 20 W
Conducting path minimum
100 µm / 30 µm auf
FR4 18 µm Cu
Repeat accuracy±1.8 µm
Rotation speed cutter spindle100 000 rpm
Weight125 kg
Laser safety informationLaser class 1

High-performance servers

The efficient processing and imaging of structures in the vicinity of underground facilities require powerful servers, especially for data processing and imaging of seismic data. The 3D structural models are composed of several billion pixels, demanding significant computational power. Three servers with 88, 102, and 192 CPUs are available for this purpose.