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Demonstration of SQ5 impact hammer at China Railway First Survey and Design Institute in China

Amberg Technologies AG, together with the Department of Geological Advance Investigation of China Railway First Survey and Design Institute, carried out a successful demonstration of the new TSP 603-Impact system in the new Xining-Chengdu Railway Tunnel project in July 2023. This included the use of the new SQ5 impact hammer, which was subjected to a comparison with the conventional method of seismic source by explosives. For this purpose, the impact source was attached to the downside of the bucket of an excavator arm.

The controlled impact source was used to excite seismic signals several times in succession at the same location, achieving signal overlap and improving the signal-to-noise ratio.

The successful data acquisition of 24 source points allows the next step in the analysis of geologic predictions. These data will be compared to seismic wave data acquired with explosive sources. This is important and helpful for users to correctly and objectively understand the effects of controllable seismic sources compared to classical explosive sources.

Source: Amberg Technologies AG

Installation and testing of the controlled seismic source (Photo: Amberg Technolgies AG)